About Us

Welcome to the family.  This is a family business.  Our family has deep roots in manufacturing and agriculture – but we also like to get outdoors … hiking, trail running, climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, you name it.

My name is Paul Barringer, and I started Mill & Mountain because I wanted to do something to support manufacturing in the US.  I also wanted to provide choices for people who want outdoor and casual clothes made in the US, and who care about organic and recycled materials.  I also couldn’t find the pants I wanted!

I kept trying to find things that were simple, durable, and made in the US … and I ended up with a closet full of stuff that wasn’t up to par.  But still ... I kept wondering:  what if I could make things closer to home, and build it well enough that it served multiple purposes?

That’s what we make our products to do. Our stuff is tough enough for fighting the undergrowth and briers when you cut the trail … but then it also works great for hiking back up the trail to hit that boulder problem … or maybe even when you ski the trail later in the year.  These clothes also don’t look so tech-y that you’ll feel weird wearing them around town or to a meeting.

We’re building this company from the ground up with sustainability and transparency in mind.  Everything is 100% made in the USA, and every product incorporates recycled and/or organic materials in one way or another. (Read more about our commitment to organic here.) We’re also using recycled mailers to get things to you, and we’re planting a tree with every order.

Anyway, thanks for visiting - and thanks for your support!