Fast Fashion We're Not!

Here’s a recent story about Shein, the fast fashion juggernaut from China. It shows that workers are getting paid pennies to make each item, meanwhile they’re working 18-hour days. They have no time off, and the quality the items are making is so low that most items will end up in the landfill after only being worn a few times. It’s terrible for the environment, and it’s terrible for workers. We can do better!

Fast fashion is huge these days, I know. Brands are able to bring out thousands and thousands of new styles of clothing every month, which they produce lightning fast in factories in Asia. The cost of the clothing that gets made may be low - but the total cost is high - in terms of the impact on the environment (so many of these items get thrown away after being worn only a few times), and the impact on workers (low pay and generally terrible working conditions).

That’s not what we’re doing at all. We’re making things in the US, using US labor and US factories. We're also supporting US organic farmers. We can't do it without you, though - so thanks for caring, and thanks for your support!

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